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Museum Design

FOR RENT 1,400 sf House Themed Haunt

2019 Triangular Grid Quick Set Up Wall System

Built in 2019 by Mecca Productions local contractors and designed by Leonard Pickel, this attraction operated for a one-night party. The 12-room attraction is themed as a Victorian house and consists of flame retardant 4’ x 8’ panels and includes a facade that is 24’ wide x 10’ deep x 16’ tall. It fits in a space of 40’ x 50’ (plus facade) with the entrance and exit on the long side. The Patron pathway is 280 lineal feet long. All panels are numbered for easy reassembly.

The attraction can be operated on as few as 3 actors at 50 people per hour, or 10 actors for a 200 per person mode. Costumes are provided. The sound system consists of 4 speakers and 1 amplifier playing a custom soundtrack on an MP3 player. Electrical is provided by quad boxes on 12/3 SO cord. Controllers, special effect and scenic lighting is included, along with emergency lighting packs.

The unit is complete with attraction signage, and static props included. 2 Fire Extinguishers are also included.

Room Designs Include:

Entry Speech
Order Flip
Portrait Hallway
Curtain Corridor
Hall of Doors
Trap Doors
Saws Overhead
Exit Speech
Exit Room

The complete attraction ships in a 24’ truck. It can be set up in hours and strikes even quicker.

Electrical Panel, Fire Alarm Panel/Smoke Detection, There are no pneumatics required by the attraction design, and as such there is no compressor provided.

Rental Price Depends on Time of Year and Length of Rental: Please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or

Attraction is located in Orlando, FL