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“It’s just a haunted house… how hard can it be?”

Creating a frightening attraction that provides high entertainment quality while maintaining a profitable capacity that adheres to local building codes while sticking to a tight budget needed to be profitable is not as easy as it sounds. What you don’t know about owning/operating a Haunted Attraction could put you out of business before you even open.

An effective themed attraction is much more than an assortment of props in black walled hallways. A Hauntrepreneurs® designed attraction starts with a story line detailing the patron experience. Scenes are then created and action diagrammed to tell the story. Only then the props, special effects and equipment are chosen from various providers to complete the vision.

The main focus of Hauntrepreneurs®  is attraction design and event consulting. We don’t sell props, actor training, Haunt products or even completed haunted attractions.  Hauntrepreneurs®  works like an architect, providing detailed designs and construction drawings that can be put out for bid for the best possible price. The client can then use the drawings to hire a local contractor or to build the attraction themselves.

Hauntrepreneurs®  only goal is to make your business a success. With over 35 years of experience in attraction design and construction and hundreds of haunted events to our credit, a Hauntrepreneurs® designed attraction is a cost effective, user friendly, over the top  experience that your patrons will be talking about for years to come.

Hauntrepreneurs®  offers design and consulting on:

  • Haunted Houses
  • Haunted Trails
  • Haunted Hayrides
  • Dark Rides
  • Carnival Attractions
  • Mirror Mazes
  • Themed Restaurants
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Tourist Attractions

With vast experience in both October seasonal and year round attractions, Hauntrepreneurs® can steer you clear of the detours and pot holes and help you map out the most cost effective path to fulfilling your haunted dreams on time and on budget.

Be it a custom haunted experience as small as 600 square feet (56 square meters), or a multi-element Halloween event of 60,000 square feet or more, Hauntrepreneurs® will save you many times the consulting design fees in ease of operation, construction time and scare factor of the finished product.

For a FREE one hour introduction consultation call Leonard at 972-951-5100 or email