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Hauntrepreneurs Themed Attraction Design and Consulting
“It’s just a haunted house… how hard can it be?” Creating a frightening attraction that provides high entertainment quality while maintaining a profitable capacity that adheres to local building codes while sticking to a tight budget is not as easy as it sounds. What you don’t know about owning/operating a Haunted Attraction could put you out of business before you even open. Read More

Haunting Profitability
So you drove past a local Haunted Attraction at 9pm on the Saturday before Halloween, counted the number of people in line, multiplied that by the ticket price and the number of days in October and got the idea that “Haunted Houses are a gold mine!” But is Haunting really a Get Rich Quick Scheme? Read More

Timed Ticketing: The Future of Haunting
When I first starting haunting, the schedule for Haunts in Dallas, TX was to open on the 15th of October and then run every night through Halloween. logo1-4e50f040fddb5fb93b69436d0377ac672
That was what everyone did, even though Mondays and Tuesdays were dead, that was the model. Then D’Ann Dagen came into my market and opened Hangman’s Haunted House. Her advertising announced Read More

Designing From the Inside Out
Hauntrepreneurs takes a completely different approach to attraction design, using an inside out approached based on architectural design principles and storytelling to create a cost effective, user friendly, over the top  experience that your patrons will be talking about for years to come. A haunted attraction is a play in which the patron walks from scene to scene. Read More

Used Haunted Attractions For Sale
Hauntrepreneurs® acts like a broker for the best used attractions in the country. If you have a great attraction but need to something new, sell it and use the money to build a new one. If you are thinking about getting into the haunted attraction business, or planning to get out of haunting, let Hauntrepreneurs® use it’s contacts and data base to broker the deal for you. Read Me

2015 Conference Speaking Schedule
Leonard Pickel has been invited to speak at several haunter conventions in the next few months. Below is a listing of those conferences and the topics Leonard will be covering.

May 15-17 West Coast Haunt Convention – Portland, OR 
Themed Attraction Design
Opening Your First Haunted House

July 16-20 Chicago Frights – Lisle, IL
Psychological Scares: Fear is All in the Mind!
The Triangular Grid System: Designing Outside the Box
Getting Started in the Haunting Business – Full Day Workshop

August 1-2 Haunt Faire – Long Island, NY
Haunt Design Do’s and Don’ts: Avoiding Common Errors That Decreases Your Effectiveness
SketchUp 101: 3D CAD Drawing Basics
Designing From the Inside Out
Top 5 Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Haunted House Business!

August 8-8 Scare LA – Los Angeles, CA
Making the jump from Home Haunting to a Pro Haunt!
Advanced Fright Attraction Design
Cheap Effective Scares: Maximum Fright Factor on a budget!

GO HERE for details!