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Haunting Profitability

  • Posted : February 26th, 2014
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I frequently get phone calls from people interested in starting a Haunted House. Sometimes they are Home Haunters who have been told by their friends and neighbors that “Their Yard Haunt is 10 times better than the professional ones in town.” Some of them are kids, (as I surpass 60 years of age, anyone under say 30 is a kid to me), with great enthusiasm, brimming over with ideas on how to scare people, but no clue how to find the money to get their mega-haunt into production or how to push enough people through an attraction to make it profitable.

Or in some cases they are business people who happened to drive past a local Haunted Attraction at 9pm on the Saturday before Halloween, counted the number of people in line, multiplied that by the ticket price and the number of days in October and get the brilliant idea that “Haunted Houses are a gold mine!” But is Haunting really a Get Rich Quick Scheme? Read More



  • Posted : December 30th, 2006
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Hauntrepreneurs® is the only broker specializing in selling previously owned Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Haunted Trails, Dark Rides and Haunting Equipment for the Haunted Attraction Industry. Formed in 1987 the company has sold hundreds of attractions to Amusement Parks, Family Fun Centers and individuals all over the country.

Working as a middleman Hauntrepreneurs® hammers out price negotiations, prepares contracts and makes sure that both parties act in good faith throughout the process. In addition, Hauntrepreneurs® can provide services to the buyer/seller including Installation Assistance, Event Consulting, Refurbishment and Attraction Redesign.

“We put our reputation on the line each time we bring a buyer and seller together, and strive to create a ‘Win win’ opportunity for the clients!”

Leonard Pickel