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Museum Design

Large 6,000 SF Haunted House, with Unique Custom Panel System

Built in 2014, operated 2014

Design by Krooked Kreations and owner

60′ x 100′ – 6,000 sf, old house theme

16 rooms, 15 actors, 1 ticket taker, 1 tech.


Package Includes

16′ x 14′ tall facade built by Little Spider Productions

1 – 53′ road worthy trailer

300 panels custom modular bolt together panel system

1×1 metal frame with plywood, sprayed flame retardant

Electrical power supplies and extension cords

14 emergency lighting packs

8 exit signs

4 tower speakers and 1 amp


Extras Included

6 fire extinguishers

6 Fog machines

14 Krooked Kreations masks and 14 costumes


Room Designs

Living Room






Storage Room

Patio Area




Back Alley 1

Back Alley 2


Attraction is in Good Condition

REDUCED Price is $33,000

FOB Lake County, IL

NOTE: Also Available, Fire Alarm Panel, 12 smoke detectors, additional $8,500

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or


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