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Creating an incredible Haunted Event is a monstrous task when looked at as a whole. It is much easier to understand what is involved in developing the attraction from its inception if we dissect the beast into the separate parts that are required to properly pull off a successful event. Hauntrepreneurs(R) can assist clients with any or all of these important phases of the project, and the following is a menu of services that a client can choose from.

Please feel free to order off the menu!

Phase I – MASTER-PLAN and THEME CREATION – $1,000 Plus $1,000 per element

The first task for a new project is to meld together the experience of the Hauntrepreneurs(R) team members with the mindset of the client. With a great deal of input, Hauntrepreneurs(R) brings their full knowledge and experience to the table to develop a one of a kind event. Intense Consultation is an important part of this phase, to make sure that the event fits the client’s location and income needs. In this phase, location, price point, client likes and dislikes are matched to the individual project. Research and brainstorming will create the Story Line, Host Character, and Soundscape. Event Configuration and Marketing Scheme for your event. A preliminary budget is also outlined, so as to determine the viability of the project.

Phase II – DESIGN DEVELOPMENT- $1,000 Plus $1.25 per square foot

In this phase, the total event is conceptualized in detail and finalized, room by room and prop by prop on paper, where changes are much more cost effective than they would be once the room is built. Using the concepts developed from the Master Plan and Theme Creation phase, Hauntrepreneurs(R) further refines each attraction theme and storyline into working Floor Plans, with Facade Concepts, Scenic Treatments, Room Designs and Scares. The refined designed is conveyed in a detailed written description of each element to provide the client a chance to envision what the final product will look like.

Phase III – CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS – $2,000 Plus $2.00 per square foot

Now that all of the bugs are worked out of the design, it is time for detailed “How-To” plans to be created, so that the concepts from the master plan can be turned into reality by local artisans and carpenters. This phase of the project is the most time consuming, as each board in the project must be sized and explained to the fabricator. This set of drawings includes Dimensional Floor Plan, Panel and Facade Elevations, Construction Details, and Sections explaining how each event will be assembled. With this set of documents, the client can go to area contractors and get competitive bids for the fabrication of the project. Construction drawings are a step that is often overlooked by clients, but this phase will save several times the fee in time and materials during construction.

Phase IV – PRE-PRODUCTION and BUDGETING – $1,700 Plus $1.00 per square foot

With the Construction Drawings completed, a solid realistic project budget can be produced for the total event. With every nut, Bolt, screw and piece of lumber counted and priced there will be few surprises during fabrication. Included in this phase is a ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ Manual (SOP) for the event. This treasure-trove of information is the client’s step by step guide book on how to operate the particular event. It includes, ticket booth procedures and safety training, character assignments and orientation, employee contracts and Marketing Strategies to ensure that your event is a huge success.


With a realistic budget and construction drawings completed, the process of physically building the project can be preformed by a local contractor or the client’s own crew. In most cases, it is more cost effective for a local construction company to build the pieces that make up an attraction. A competent carpentry crew with the proper drawings and supervision can build an attraction for from 200 to 300 man-hours per 1,000 square feet of attraction. A Hauntrepreneurs(R) representative is available to oversee the construction and/or scenic paint treatment of the attraction if needed. Services are charged as a day rate and varies in cost depending upon the time of year and the length of stay required. (see table below)

Hauntrepreneurs(R) can also provide an outside construction crew to build the attraction if desired by the client.


With the construction completed, it is time for installation, set decoration and set decoration. A Hauntrepreneurs(R) representative will train and supervise the client’s crew on the proper and most efficient installation of the attractions. Then, if needed, the same crew can disassemble the attractions at the end of the attraction operation without assistance. The Team Hauntrepreneurs(R) representative will also assist with actor training and proper operation of each attraction. This service is charged as a day rate, which varies in cost depending on the time of year and the length of stay.


Even after the building and decoration of the project is completed; there is still plenty of work to be done. The hiring of characters, scare training, employee coordination and work scheduling will be required through out the event. Hauntrepreneurs(R) has years of experience in daily operations of major events and also provides these services to clients in the form of a day rate.

Phase VIII – RE-DESIGN – $750 plus $1.00 per square foot

With the first year of the event a huge success, it is time to think about changes to be made for year two, to freshen up the attractions. Approximately one third of each element should be revised each year, most importantly the first and last rooms of each attraction. In year two, Hauntrepreneurs(R) will create new and exciting room designs and themes to your elements at one quarter the cost of the original design.

NOTE : Above fees do not include phone, fax, copy service and postage expenses. These will be invoiced separately at face value. Prices quoted are for the individual phases of a project, and can be purchased together or separately. The more phases that Hauntrepreneurs(R) is contracted for, and the earlier in the year that a contract is signed, the more room there is for negotiation on the fee calculations.