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FREE Cost Estimate

One question that always I get from potential clients early in the conversation about hiring me to consult and design their attractions for them is “How much will I charge?” Unfortunately, until I know a great deal more about where, when, how big and how detailed the client wants the event to be, I cannot tell them. I can say that if you hire me to everything from coming up with the name to the event, storyline, design, working drawings, onsite overseeing of installation and general consulting that my fee averages between $2 and $6 a square foot. But how does that break down if you only want me to do part of the project?

So I now offer a FREE Haunt Cost Estimate to anyone looking to hire me for consulting or design of their project. All I need from you is:

1) Is the Haunt a Year round/Summer seasonal attraction or October seasonal event?

2) Desired level of quality/detail of the finished attraction (High, Medium or low)

3) Size of the attraction in square feet (or square meters)

4) Hourly wage of a “rough” carpenter in your area, (Even if you plan to build it yourself)

Different themes will have slightly different costs and detail level, but given the above parameters I can provide you with what it should cost to build a custom, one of a kind haunted attraction, with original them and storyline to the size and quality you design, ASSUMING you hire me to design and over see the project. On the finished cost proposal each phase of the design and construction process is itemized so that you can subtract costs from phases that you don’t need my help or decrease costs if you are building the attraction yourself.

You can then plug this estimate into your business plan and feel comfortable that you can build your attraction for the provided amount. Email the above details to and I will work up the cost estimate for you. IF you would like to discuss the details of the vision for your event, you can contact me by phone at 972-951-5100 – I look forward to hearing from you!

Before considering opening a Haunted Attraction, please read Haunting Profitability!